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Kingsroad Supreme - 5 days

Viking chiefs, medieval kings and the Danish King's officials. They all had one thing in common when they traveled between the East and West of Norway; they had to walk over the Filefjell mountain. Are we as good as our ancestors? Join the King's Road Supreme tour! It will let you walk the whole King's Road - 5 days - on most of the King's Road sections. 

Okay, the Danish bishop Pontoppidan had a lazy journey. He was dragged on a sled across the mountain by local peasants in 1749, not just one, but two times. Everyone else had to use their feet. Even with the help of horses it was a fatiguing journey.

In our time, we can experience this as an adventure. Join in for a memorable five-day hike on the King's Road across Filefjell. Reach the highest point at 1250 m.a.s.l. - a hike trough some of the most amazing nature Norwegian has to offer, and experience rich cultural heritage site and monuments on the way. You walk from East-Norway to West-Norway, starting in the valley of Valdres, spend the nights in hotels and cabins, and ends up in the valley of Lærdal, in the old town of Lærdalsøyri by the Sognefjord.

In the meantime, we carry the luggage for you. A bit like we did with Pontoppidan 😃

You arrive at Rogn camping or Sommerhotellet in Vang in Valdres with a car or a bus and can check in for a pleasant evening and a good night's sleep. There is also a direct bus from Bergen (NW 162 Øst/Vest Xpressen) and from Oslo (NW 160 Valdresekspressen) to a bus stop near Rogn camping, which fits with check-in in this tour package. The bus routes follow the highway E16.
After arrival, you can buy supper/dinner in the Vang village, at the Sommerhotellet i Vang (must be booked in advance, not included in tour package).

NEXT DAY, WALKING DAY no. 1: Kvamskleive and Øye-Tyinkrysset
After breakfast in Rogn's beautiful, 200-year-old traditional storehouse, or at Sommerhotellet, the adventure begins. The hosts will drive you to the start of the legendary section Kvamskleive.
Kvamskleive was in use from 1808 and replaced an older road on the other side of lake Vangsmjøse. Parts of the road were terribly steep, and travelers called what they saw under the road for «abyss» and «life-threatening».
At the end of Kvamskleive, at Søndrol, you have come down to the highway E16 again and will take public bus to Øye (bus is not included in the package). The bus departs from Søndrol at 09.03 (route 138 to Tyinkrysset, dogs allowed). This route has no service on Saturdays and Sundays.
The next route is at 00.56 p.m (NW 162, only guide dog allowed) and the next is at 2.35 p.m. (NW 160, only guide dog allowed). The bus ride to Øye takes about 25 minutes.
The newly opened E16-tunnel passes by Øye and you get off on the first bus stop after the tunnel. You walk the old E16 back about 6-700 meters down towards the village Øye. To the right after the long curve, you'll find the authentic King's Road and the section of Øye stavkyrkje-Tyinkrysset. Follow the signs.
If you want to take a look at the beautiful Øye Stave Church before you start, walk aprox. 1.5 kilometers further along the old E16 towards Øye.
Back again, the King's Road goes in hilly terrain and with a few exceptions on grass cover up towards Tyinkrysset. At Tyinkrysset, the King's Road passes through the cabin estate, and at «Grøvstølbrue» (small modern wooden bridge) you go left and up towards Filefjellstuene. Here you will spend the night.
Your luggage has been brought here.
You can buy dinner in the restaurant at Filefjellstuene (not included in the price).
Facts first day of hiking: A total of 19.5 kilometers, 1.5 kilometers of this on asphalt.

DAY 2: Tyinkrysset-Kyrkjestølen-Maristova
After breakfast in the restaurant of Filefjellstuene, you will experience the high mountain stretches across Filefjell. You walk the Tyinkrysset-Kyrkjestølen section and continue on Kyrkjestølen-Maristova section. You will reach the highest point of the road, 1250 m.a.s.l - in the area of ​​Stiftstøtta – a marble monument that marked the old border between the dioceses of Akerhus and Bjørgvin.
After a while you will descend down to Maristova and here you will stay in the cabins of Maristuen Fjellferie. Your luggage has been brought here. Maristova do not have any restaurant. But the host sells premade supper/dinner dishes that you cock yourself in the cabin.
If you talk to the host on beforehand, you can get a brief tour of Margrethestova (1792) where Director-General of Roads, C. J. Hammer, stayed when he supervised the construction of the King's Road (not included in the price). His four-poster bed still stands there!
Facts on the second hiking day: About 18 kilometers in the mountains. Mostly grass cover. There are smaller stretches with asphalt between Filefjellstuene and Kyrkjestølen at the start of the day.

DAY 3: Maristova-Borgund
After breakfast which you prepare yourself in your cabin together with a lunch packet, the hike starts on the Maristova-Borlaug section, with Brattebakken bridge as an attraction.
Well down at Borlaug you pass Borlo Farmyard with 21 buildings of exhibits showing the diversity in the mountain village of Borgund. The King's Road goes straight through the heritage landscape here.
From the farmyard, the King's Road goes on for several hundred meters before you make your way on the road edge of the highway E16 down to the junction. Here you take the county road to Borgund. From here the King's Road hiking route goes on the county road (asphalt), which is the old highway E16 through the village.
You are then in the section of Borlaug-Borgund stave church and walk on asphalt. After several kilometers you arrive to Eggum farm where you will spend the night. The farm with the yellow cabins are to the right, and close to the village center of Borgund, with the Postaabneriet pub and cafe and Borgund grocery store. The hosts at Eggum sells simple supper/dinner dishes that you cock yourself in the cabin. You can also buy food from the nearby grocery store.
Your luggage has been brought here.
Facts third day of hiking: About 14 kilometers of hiking, about 8 km. of them on asphalt.

DAY 4: Borgund-Selto
After breakfast wich you prepare yourself in the cabin together with a lunch pack, you are ready to walk the most famous sections of the King's Road across Filefjell. You will experience Vindhellavegen, Øygardsvegen and Galdane. And you can visit the world known attraction Borgund Stave Church.
You continue walking down the county road through the center of Borgund and 500 meters westward you meet the junction that leads onto the E16. Do not enter the E16. Go straight ahead and into what was once the national highway 60. Keep going until you walk through the yard of the Borgund hyttesenter and camping a good kilometer later. Here is a cafe/fast food.
Continue a kilometre more towards the junction at the E16 tunnel. You choose the road that goes over the tunnel roof and onto old E16 down to Borgund Stave Church. To access the stave church, the new church, exhibitions, café and toilet, you must buy a ticket in the visitor center.
Then the Vindhellavegen road awaits you. Either you go behind the red church and follow the signs to Vindhellavegen from there. Or you can walk back 300 meters in the direction you came, and start the Vindhellavegen where it actually starts (recommended). Enjoy old road construction!

After walking the Vindhellavegen road, you are down at Rimskjold. From here you walk approximately 500 meters on asphalt (old E16) until you start on Øygardsvegen (to the right).
But first, take a detour (30 metres) to old Nedre Kvame bridge. This beautiful vaulted bridge in stone from 1863 replaced Steine bridge which was swept away during the flood of 1860. Read more at Øygardsvegen.
The next section is another of the legendary stretches on Kongevegen; Galdane. The road through Galdane is full of myths and has provided inspiration for many well-known works of art.
Feel free to take a break at the Galdane croft where the route has been named. Afterwards you continue along the river Lærdalselvi to Seltun where the King's Road meets highway E16.
Here is the hike over. You walk a few meters east to the bus stop at E16 and take bus to Lærdalsøyri (bus not included in the price). 

Bus alternatives:

  • 2.24 pm (Øst/Vest-ekspressen Monday- Saturday, the bus do not accept dogs) to Håbakken, og bus VY450 further to Lærdalsøyri at 3.15 pm.
  • 2.55 pm to Lærdalsøyri (Bus VY170 daily, do not accept dogs).
  • Aprox 6.30 pm. daily except Saturdays (Route 138 Lærdal-Fagernes, accept dogs). 
  • 6.54 pm (only Sundays, Øst/Vest-ekspressen, do not accept dogs) to Håbakken and bus 109 further to Lærdalsøyri at 7.07 pm.
  • 8.25 pm to Lærdalsøyri (VY170, daily, do not accept dogs).

In the evening you spend the night at old Lærdalsøyri, either at Sanden pension, Lindstrøm hotel, Lærdal HotelOld Lærdalsøyri Apartments or in Old Merchant Henry's Store
Your luggage has been brougt here.
In the evening, you can experience the old Lærdalsøyri, one of Norway's best-preserved wooden house towns from the 18th and 19th centuries, with about 170 wooden buildings.

After breakfast you can wander around Lærdalsøyri until a public bus takes you back to Rogn where you parked your car. Or try a day cruise on the Sognefjord or guided walk in old town of Lærdalsøyri.
Route 138 Lærdal-Fagernes departs from Lærdal town hall 11.10 a.m. (not included in the price) and arrive at a bus stop near Rogn camping at about 00.50 p.m (not Saturdays).
Route VY70 departes from Lærdal town hall at 00.23 p.m. (daily). This corresponds to the Øst/Vest-Xpressen on Håbakken (no wait. Not Sundays) which arrive at Rogn camping approx. 2.35 p.m.
The King's Road Bus leaves from Lærdal town hall towards Tyinkrysset at 8:30 am daily in the period it operates. It corresponds with the Valdresekspressen NW160 which departs from Tyinkrysset at. 09.58 am.
For the first time on the trip, you need to bring your own luggage. ❤️

One extra hike or bike?
If you want to complete the entire King's Road, you can take the King's Road bus or bus route 138 Lærdal-Fagernes (bus not included in the package price. NB: the latter route have no service on Saturdays) back to Selto the following day, and walk or bike the last two sections Selto-Ljøsne and Ljøsne-Lærdalsøyri.
These sections do not go on the authentic King's Road because the original road lies under today's E16. But the hiking trail runs on footpaths, nature trails and mostly local side roads through the beautiful, fertile valley of Lærdal. The trip is about 20 kilometers long. Most of it on asphalt. Bike rental here.

Back at Lærdalsøyri you stay overnight, and next morning you take the before mentioned Lærdal-Fagernes bus at 11.10 a.m. (no service Saturdays) or VY170 at 00.23 p.m. (daily) back to where you parked your car in Vang. Or the King's Road Bus 8:30 am daily between July and August. 

If four or more persons travel together: NOK 5 090,-
If three persons travel together: NOK 5 590,-
If two persons travel together: NOK 5 990,-
If you travel alone: ​​NOK 7 490,-
(addition if you want the extra day)

5 nights in cabins, hotels, guesthouses or apartments
5 breakfasts
4 lunch packs that you prepare during breakfast
Transport to hiking start first hiking day
4 luggage transports
Bed Linens

One hiking day extra. Ask us.
Public buses on the first and fourth hiking day
Bringing your dog
Splitting of beds
Guided tours. Contact us if you want to meet a storyteller on the way.

First day of hiking:
Bus from Søndrol towards Øye at 09.03 a.m. (route 138 to Tyinkrysset, dog allowed. NB: No service on Saturdays and Sundays). At 00.56 p.m (with NW 162, no dog allowed) and at 2.35 p.m (with NW 160, no dog allowed).
Fourth day of hiking:
Bus from Seltun to Lærdalsøyri at 14.40 (NW 162, bus exchange Håbakken, no dogs), at 2.55 p.m. (VY 170, no dogs), and about 18.30 (route 138 Lærdal-Fagernes, dogs allowed).
Last day/departure day:
Bus from Lærdal Town Hall to Rogn departure at 11.10 a.m. (route 138 Lærdal-Fagernes, dogs allowed, no service Saturdays). Or route VY70 from Lærdal Town Hall at 00.23 p.m. (daily). This corresponds to the Øst/Vest-Xpressen on Håbakken. Or the King's Road bus daily from the town hall 1. of July to 16 of August at 08:30 am. Dogs allowed. Corresponds with Valdresekspressen at Tyinkrysset. 
If extra hiking day:
Same routes from Lærdal Town Hall as during departure day above. You should get off at Seltun.
(subject to route changes).
Alternative: Solheim Taxi.

Explore Vang, see Vangssteinen next to Vang church (day of arrival)
Visit the Book Room installation (day of arrival, on request)
Dining at the beautiful Summer Hotel in Vang.
Experience Øye Stave Church (first day of walking)
Visit the Museum on the Barn (first day of walking, on request)
Grocery store Joker Tyinkrysset (last part of the first day of hiking)
Any equipment for the hike? Intersport Tyinkrysset.
Guided tour of the Margretestuen (second hiking day, on request)
Guided tour of the Borlo Farmyard (third day, on request)
Grocery at at Borgund grocery store (beginning of fourth hiking day)
Visit the Borgund Stave Church (fourth day of walking)
Break/provision at Joker Ljøsne (during the extra hiking day)
Town walk in the Old Town of Lærdalsøyri
Day cruise on the Sognefjord

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