Exploring the Kingsroad

Galdane and Sokni


Galdane is a croft dating back to the 1600s, featuring buildings from the early 1800s.

It clings to the steep hillside as is typical of crofts in Western Norway, but has buildings typical of Eastern Norway – in so-called Akershus style.

Because of Lærdal's location between east and west, there were numerous such buildings in the Lærdal valley.

There were people living at Galdane until 1947.

Close by is the beautiful Sokni, or Soknefossen, waterfall (also known as Galdanefossen). It flows in gentle and wild rapids down the mountain side from approx. 400 m height.

You will pass both the croft and the waterfall when you walk Kongevegen. Both attractions are visible when arriving by car on the old E16 on the other side of the river. Here you will also find a picnic area.