The King's Road by the old Voll bridge in the Lærdal valley. Photo. K. Knudsen
The King's Road by the old Voll bridge in the Lærdal valley. Photo. K. Knudsen

The road that linked east and west together

The award-winning Kongevegen over Filefjell (the King's Road across Filefjell) was completed in 1793 as the first road where people could drive with horse and cart between east and west in Norway, and between the country's two largest cities, Christiania (Oslo) and Bergen. The road replaced the old bridle and packhorse track from the middle ages and the post road from the 17th century.


The section between Vang in Valdres and Lærdal by the Sognefjord was the most spectacular. Today the road is among the finest road-historical cultural heritage in Europe.

The road was built by hand and with simple tools long before the dynamite came into use. Some of the sections are built on high stone walls.

Filefjell has always served as the most popular travel route between east and west in southern Norway. The many king-tales from Filefjell are well known. From the middle ages, we can read about the mountain route having a reputation for being among the hardest and most dangerous in the country. 

Today a 100 kilometre long hiking and trekking trail has been established on this historic route. Winding through the breathtaking landscape of the mountainous Filefjell, The King’s Road offers visitors a unique hiking and cultural experience. The trail takes you through some of the most beautiful scenery of Norway from the inland countryside in Valdres via the mountain of Filefjell and down to the dramatic fjord landscape in Lærdal by the Sognefjord.

In 2009, the Norwegian Public Road Administration and several partners formally started a project to re-establish and revitalise this important road for use by hikers.

In 2016 the King's Road reopened.

In 2017 the King's Road across Filefjell won the EUROPA NOSTRA AWARD in category preservation. During the ceremony it also received the GRAND PRIX AWARD.

In addition, the King's Road was number two in the Public Choice Award. People from all over Europe could vote.

In 2015 the King's Road won The Beautiful Roads Award.