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About Filefjellstuene

By staying at the Filefjellstuene you are staying next to the King's Road. From our cabins you have easy access to the King's Road and adventures both towards east and west of Norway.

About Filefjellstuene
Filefjellstuene is located in beautiful surroundings, centrally located on Tyin-Filefjell. We have cabins for rent all year around. Our restaurant seats about 100 guests and offers a great view to the valley. On our a'la carte menu you can choose from several local delicacies.

Accommodation in the cabins
Choose between living in high standard cabins or cosy cabins.

Our hiking tips on the King's Road
Day 1: Kyrkjestølen - Maristuen
Day 2: Visit Borgund Stave Church and walk the Vindhella
Day 3: Visit to the mountain dairy farm Sandalen

Stay at Filefjellstuene
Whole year
Filefjellstuene Restaurant
Whole year
Petter Rødseth
(+47) 46 665 665