Exploring the Kingsroad

Tyinkrysset - Kyrkjestølen


2 hours
7 km
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This section will take you the final stretch up towards the high mountain.

Large parts of the route follow the beautiful lake Otrøvann. The lake is also known as Støgovatnet, and is located 971 m a.s.l.

Bordering sections are Øye Stave Church – Tyinkrysset and Kyrkjestølen – Maristova.

Kongevegen partially follows the original route – at times alongside the old E16, and at times you have to cross the old road.

Start by climbing the hills up from Tyinkrysset. These have been described in several travelogues from the 1800s. Particularly the final bit, the hills north of Tørisbrui and up to lake Otrøvatnet, was hard on the horses. Stop and read about the struggles up “Brekkudn” on the Kongevegen information display along the way.

There is also an outside toilet available for Kongevegen walkers.

Walk past the ski lift and cabin area in the woodland on the southern side, and continue between Otrøvatn and Otrøfjell, along the lake, towards Nystuen.

At the Nystuen estate, you go through the gate (if coming from the east) and straight ahead, under the transition between the buildings. Please do not walk on the underside of the buildings. Follow the signs.



After the old Nystuen coaching inn, continue straight across the hill and down to Kyrkjestølane.

You have then reached an old cultural landscape, where you will find the Church of St. Thomas.

The original Church of St. Thomas was a stave church, probably built around year 1200.

During the 1600s and 1700s, its surrounding area became a marketplace where people from Valdres, Sogn, Hallingdal, and Gudbrandsdalen met – some to drink and fight, some to find a spouse, some to race and trade horses, and maybe some to hear God’s word.



It was said that here at Kyrkjestølen «many a horse was broken, many a maiden disgraced, and many a young man beaten» Or as the Slidre vicar, Hermann Ruge, wrote: «Many a young woman's virginity met its end».

Many of the clergy (except those from Vang) felt that the church had to be demolished to put an end to the evil – and this was how it was to be. The church was demolished in 1808.

However, people missed their church, and in the 1900s money was collected and a new church built. It was consecrated in 1971, and was erected close to where the old church had been standing.



From Tyinkrysset to Kyrkjestølane, you have not made much of an elevation gain – from approx. 900 m a.s.l. by Tyinkrysset, via 980 m a.s.l. by Nystuen, and back down to 956 m a.s.l. by Kyrkjestølane.

But it is a lovely trip, and is one of the shortest sections of Kongevegen across Filefjell.

What is considered today's Kyrkjestølen is in operation, and offers food and accommodation.