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Lindstrøm Hotel

About Lindstrøm Hotel

Lindstrøm Hotel consists of five different buildings from the period 1845-1985.

Externally and interiors, the hotel ranges from national romance to contemporary design.

The hotel is idyllically situated on Old Lærdalsøyri. The hosts are Britt Isdal and Knut Lindstrøm, which is the fifth generation running the hotel.

Lindstrøm Hotel has 86 rooms for 165 guests, restaurant, bar and shops. Relax in our beautiful garden or bike or hike on the King's Road or one of the other historical roads in the area.

Hiking on historic road for the whole family
An half an hour drive from Lindstrøm Hotel you can walk on more than 200 years of road history on the King's Road, Sverrestien, Galdane and Vindhella.

Program proposals
Day 1: Visit Borgund Stave Church, walk the round-trip Vindhella-Sverrestigen.

Day 2: Walk the King's Road section over Filefjell. Visit the Maristova Margretestuen mountain logde museum.

Contact Info
Lindstrøm hotel
Adr: N-6887 LÆRDAL
Tel: +47 57666900


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Stay at Lindstrøm Hotel
May 1 - September 30
Buffét at Lindstrøm Hotel
May 1 - September 30
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Knut Lindstrøm
(+47) 576 66 900