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Margretestuen mountain-lodge Museum


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Maristova mountain-lodge museum is located along Kongevegen across Filefjell. The building is protected, and was built in 1791/1792 – at the same time as Kongevegen across Filefjell.

In charge of the project was the Director-General of Roads, J. C. Hammer, who wanted comfort for himself and those close to him. He had a new living room built, and also a four-poster bed for his own use.

The carpentry work was put to tender, and Ole Odden (Ø. Eri, lived at Lærdalsøyri) won the contract. But there were complaints of his drinking:

«The damned boozing is his downfall, and is a great nuisance to others». 

Despite his drinking, Ole was a skilled craftsman who made tables and doors.

One particular room was furnished with a four-poster bed, down-filled duvets, and bedlinen with the king’s monogram. It was owner Mons Henrikson’s duty to:

«...hold everything in a tidy and clean condition for the use of travellers other than peasants – and under no circumstances allow farmers in – and to ensure that his house was supplied with good and sensible beverages as well as other necessities, if he was to avoid accusation and other punishment including eviction from the property.»

Farmers had to contend themselves with more basic accommodation in three small buildings next door.

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