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Maristuen Fjellferie
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About Maristuen Fjellferie

Maristuen is located near the E16 between Oslo and Bergen, 810 m.a.s.l. on the mountain Filefjell.

It's 40 kilometer to the Sognefjord and Lærdalsøyri.

Maristuen is a great place for hiking on the King's Road. And a good place for daytrips to the Sognefjord, Jotunheimen, Flåm, Vettisfossen and the glaciers in Jostedalen.

In the winter Maristuen is nice for cross country skiing. Alpin skiing you will find only 18 km. away from us.

We have cabins and apartments for 2 - 9 people. All units have private bathroom and kitchen.

We are open January 1st. to September 30th, and December 20th - to December 31st.

Full service open in June 15th to August 31st. All other dates must be preordered.

Closed: October, November and parts of December.



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Margretestuen mountain-logde Museum
Dagleg på bestilling i juni, juli og august
NOK 100,- per person.
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Stay at Maristova
All year round
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Knut Maristuen
+47 576 68 711