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Øye Stave Church

About Øye Stave Church

Øye Stave Church is one of the smallest stave churches in Norway. Beautifully located at the western end of the lake Vangsmjøsa, the church is one of the hidden gems; internal intact from the Catholic era in Norway.

You can visit the stave church every day between Wednesday and Sunday in the period 22. of June to 14. of August 2022. Opening hours are 11.00-17.00. (11 a.m to 5 p.m.)

The church is located along the old E16 and has its own parking. This is a nice place to stop on your tour on the King's Road.

The church was formerly built down towards the lake, almost out on the headland. Until a few years ago, the graves were visible. 

But the church disappeared from history. What had happened to it?

In 1935 stones in the wall under the new church had fallen out, so repairs were needed. The workers came to look under the church floor, and found wooden materials.

When they were able to pick out everything, it turned out to be 156 parts of the stave church!

The local farm owner Erik Øye gave land on Øyebakka, and the locals recreated the church as they thought it had looked.

In 1965, the church was completed.


Visit Øye Stave Church
22th of June - 14th. of August 2022
Gudrun and Rolf Niemeyer