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Intersport Filefjell
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About Intersport Filefjell

Intersport Filefjell
We are a sports shop on Tyinkrysset 200 meters from the King's Road. This mountain shop are focusing on quality equipment for hiking and fishing in the mountains.
We have a good selection of hiking boots, clothes and fishing gear, as well as bicycles and bicycle parts for both sale and rentals. We are also the tourist information in the area. Get in touch with us for hints and tips!

Bike rental
In our bike rental we have good mountain bikes from Scott. These fits both path and road. We also have an bike trailer. And we have two electric bikes for rent.

Opening hours
Intersport Filefjell / Filefjell Tourist Information
Monday-Thursday 10-17
Friday 10-18
Saturday 10-17
Sunday 11-16

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Sven Richard Møller
+47 61 36 73 46