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Sommerhotellet i Vang
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About Sommerhotellet i Vang

Sommerhotellet - the Summer Hotel - is a Swiss style building from 1891 with a shoreline to Vangsmjøsa (the Vangsmjøsa lake).

The hotel has been restored with respect for it's soul, and the restoration received the Verneprisen 2010 (award) from the Fortidsminneforeningen in Oppland.

The hotel has 12 rooms, many nice living rooms and the dining room called «Utsikten» (The view) with panorama to lake Vangsmjøse and the mountains. The guests share 5 delicate bathrooms.

2-3 of the Kingsroad sections are suitable for day trips from the Summer Hotel. From the Summer Hotel you have lots of mountain hikes in all directions, if you want to vary.

We recommend combining the first part of the Kingsroad, which is a fairly short trip, with a trip up to the mountain sauna at Vennis 922 m.a.s.l. Or end the hike with a paddling on lake Vangsmjøse.

See pictures and descriptions of our rooms in our website.


Stay at Sommerhotellet i Vang
June 16. – September 03.
Supper at Sommerhotellet
June 14. – September 01.
Julie Heimdal
(+47) 401 87 251