Exploring the Kingsroad

Two hours painting course


2-2,5 hours


Join a two hours painting course on Løytnantsbryggja - «the lieutenant pier» - at the end of Kongevegen.

Together with the local artist Kristen Olav Grøttebø you will paint a 20x20 motif called «typical Lærdal» and learn simple techniques on how art painting can be done. «Typical Lærdal» is Grøttebø's signature painting.

The gallery is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. from 1 June to 31 August. The artist is present every other day of the year as well.

On this pier, the boats docked with goods ment for transport on the Kongevegen in the old days.

Easel, plate, paint, brush - all the equipment you need - are included in the price.

You can take the painting you paint home with you as a selfmade souvenir from Lærdal. 

NB: Limited number of participants. The first 5 who order have priority.

If there are more participants, these can be moved to a later time the same day or the following day.


Gallery Bryggja
Les mer
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Kristen Olav Grøttebø
(+47) 902 74 343