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Two hours painting course


2 hours


Join a two hours painting course on Løytnantsbryggja - «the lieutenant pier» - at the end of Kongevegen.

Together with the local artist Kristen Olav Grøttebø you will paint a 20x20 motif called «typical Lærdal» and learn simple techniques on how art painting can be done. «Typical Lærdal» is Grøttebø's signature painting.

The mini course is on Saturday's 1-3 pm in his studio on the pier. Between June 24 and August 20 it's 10-12 am.

On this pier, the boats docked with goods ment for transport on the Kongevegen in the old days.

Easel, plate, paint, brush - all the equipment you need - are included in the price.

You can take the painting you paint home with you as a selfmade souvenir from Lærdal. 

NB: Limited number of participants. The first 5 who order have priority.

If there are more participants, these can be moved to a later time the same day or the following day.


Gallery Bryggja
Les mer
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Kristen Olav Grøttebø
(+47) 902 74 343