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Gallery Bryggja

About Gallery Bryggja

At the end of the King's Road you will find Gallery Bryggja. This is the place where the local artist Kristen Olav Grøttebø does his works.

On the ground floor you will find the gallery where you can see or buy paintings by Kristen Olav. In the second floor you will find his studio.

Grøttebø finds inspiration in the scenery around Lærdal and his work usually ends up in various landscape paintings with motifs from here. He uses the light and shadows that alternate so uniquely on the mountains and landscape in Lærdal.

If you drop by, Grøttebø is either in the exhibition on the ground floor, or he is painting in the studio on the second floor.

Ask him and he will tell you about his paintings and what he is currently working on.


Two hours painting course
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Kristen Olav Grøttebø
(+47) 902 74 343