Exploring the Kingsroad

Borlaug - Borgund Stave Church


2.5 hours
13 km.
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All year


This section leads through the beautiful village of Borgund uppermost in Lærdal

The section is located between the Maristova – Borlaug and Vindhellavegen stretches.

Most of the route is on tarmac.

If you are heading west towards Lærdalsøyri, your starting point is the HI Borlaug Vandrarheim and Borlo Farmyard junction (located on each side of the road).

You can then start by the farmyard car park. Follow the signs to the left of the “petrol man” up past restored storehouses, and then the original Kongevegen-route from the yard and down the outfields.

Alternatively, if you are walking along Kongevegen and have completed the Maristova – Borlaug stretch, continue through the yard and follow the Kongevegen route down the outfields – today marked by stone wall.

After a few hundred metres, you have to cross a fence and then walk along the E16 (mostly behind a low mound) for approx. 500 m until you reach the junction with the turn-off to the centre of Borgund.

At the junction, follow the county road towards the centre of Borgund.



From the junction, follow the county road on tarmac through Borgund. You will walk past smallholdings with pastures for sheep and goats. There are several campsites in the area, such as Steinklepp camping situated between the road and the river.

You will also pass Hegg, which was a coaching inn and hotel in days gone by. Just after Hegg, you will see chieftain Spenning Hegg’s large burial mound on your left. The mound has a 2.6 m high monument on top.

After a while you will reach Steinklepp, which is the centre of Borgund. Here you will find a village hall, pub and café, and a grocery store.

If you need provisions, stop at Nærbutikken Borgund located close by.

500 m further along, you will reach a junction where the county road joins the E16. Do not follow this route.
You should go straight ahead, and join what once was known as route 60. This is one of several redirections since the 1790s Kongevegen and today's European Route.

You will walk past residential areas and through woodland. After a while, you will reach Borgund Hyttesenter og Camping, which is the ideal spot for an overnight stay. Continue on, and you will reach the crossroads and tunnel for the new E16.

Follow the signs down to the world-renowned national heritage site, Borgund Stave Church.



Borgund Stave Church is the most authentic and well-preserved of all of Norway’s stave churches. It was completed in the early 1180s, and is a major tourist attraction.

Here you will find a stave church exhibition, shop, and toilet facilities. To access this, you have to buy a ticket at the visitor centre,

The medieval belfry close by is the only one of its kind left in Norway.
Behind the stave church is a mountain peak concealing a prehistoric fortification.

All of Borgund, and in particular the area surrounding Borgund Stave Church, is rich in historical and prehistoric cultural heritage.

The next section of Kongevegen across Filefjell is the famous Vindhellavegen. It starts above the stave church, and leads west.

You can pick up Vindhellavegen by walking behind the new, red church and up the hills (follow signs). Alternatively, walk 300 m east and start at Vindhellavegen’s actual starting point.