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About Rogn Camping

Rogn camping is located along the E16 at Begna river. Many people come here to fish, paddle in the river or go hiking in the mountains or in the woods. Rogn camping is a reasonable stay during your holiday. Rogn camping is situated at the beginning of the King's Road across Filefjell.

Our hiking tips:
About five kilometers west of the campsite, the first section of the King's Road starts - or ends, if you come from the west. The tour of the section Kvamskleive offers a great natural and cultural experience.

To get there from the campsite you can use a car or a bike along the E16, or you can walk on the east side of the river until until you reach the Kvamskleive/the King's Road. We can also fix transport for you.

We also offer guided tours telling about the plants, birds and summer birds in the area.

Address: Tørpegardsvegen 15 between Ryfoss and Vang.



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Nils Rogn
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