Exploring the Kingsroad

River kayaking in Begna




Experience river kayaking in Begna!

Paddle from the pond at Øylo (Nørsvinsfjorden) and down to Ryfoss, a stretch of 10 kilometers.

The trail is easy. With a large water flow, an area of 200 meters is somewhat challenging, but well feasible.

Included in the price is the rental of kayaks, life jackets and oars.

We have single kayaks. We do not have tandem kayaks.

Requirements: Not for beginners. You must have paddled a kayak before.

You can also rent a fjord kayak for use in Nørsvinsfjorden or lake Vangsmjøse . Write an e-mail to us if you want fjord kayaks. River paddling you order online.

Price: 300,- NOK per person per day.

Meet at Rogn camping and get the kayak handed out there.


Rogn Camping
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Nils Rogn
(+47) 976 01 655