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About Eggum Farm

Eggum is an old traditional farm with buildings from 1674 and cabins from 1929.

Here you will find the oldest documented cabin tourism in Norway (ref. County conservator Gunhild Syrstad circa 1995). Eggum built cabins ment for tourism already during the interwar period.

Eggum gard strives to retain the distinctive character of the farm and offers a quiet, comfortable and child-friendly environment. Here you will also find a farm museum.

The farm lies midway between fjord and mountains. It's a good starting point for hiking on the King's Road across Filefjell.

The King's Road hiking trail runs on the county road just below the farm, while the original Kings'road from the end of the 1700s crosses the courtyard. The barn is built over parts of the road.

There are several other nice day trips in the immediate area as well. In the farm you can come into contact with sheep and lambs.

Eggum has 5 cabins of high standard, fully equipped.

Here is a small playground for small children, and you can rent bikes, or fish, you can try your luck for trout.

Eggum farm is located about 400 meters from the local village centre with convenience store, soccer field and sand volleyball court. Here you may also find a riding course, where you can book riding lessons.

Bjærkebæk is a large cabin with a porch with a window and great views over the village.
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