Services along the Kingsroad

Round-trip map


The King's Road round-trip map gives you 5 round-trips you can walk in connection with the King's Road. Scales from 1 : 30 000 til 1 : 14 000.

The round-trips are:

  • Otrøvatnet Rundt
  • Galdane - Seltåsen
  • Vindhella - Sverrestigen
  • Maristova - Brusestølen (the Raederske and Buchholzske roads)
  • Maristova - Honingane - Brattebakken bridge

Each round-trips has it's own map. Parking, toilets, which surface you walk on etc. are marked. The map is in A6 format when folded. Norwegian offical map basis.

Price: 140,- NOK per map
Postage/sending/adm.: 29,- NOK
Total 169,- NOK


We are changing the ordering system. When you order, please choose the number of maps. Then you have to choose a date. The date has nothing to say, but because the system currently works as a system for activities, we have to do it this way. Just mark a fictitious date.

NB: At the bottom of "Contact details - Please register" you must write the address to which the map is to be sent.