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Ellingbø Farm

About Ellingbø Farm

Straight up from the Vang church, with a view of the lake Vangsmjøse and the mountais surrounding Vang, you'll find the farm Sørre Ellingbø.

Here is Olavstøga, a two-storey log house from the 1840s. Olavstøga have a warm and old-fashioned atmosphere.

The King's Road hiking route passes not far from our farm.

We recommand also a stay at our mountain dairy farm at Helin, a few kilometers from our main farm. Here a small log cabin have welcomed guests since 2017.

There are sheep, cattle and horses all around the mountain farm. Attending the milking of the animals is an experience for both kids and grown ups.

A stay in an mountain dairy farm can be like a journey back in time, where time goes a little slower. Such mountain farm life carries rich traditions in Norway.

There are many activity and tour opportunities nearby all year round.

Stay at Ellingbø farm
All year round
Couples, family with children
Eivind and Eli
(+47) 926 94 609