Exploring the Kingsroad

Bike, pub & stave church


2-3 hours
13 km.
Available periods
20. June - 20. August


You cycle past small sheep and goat farms, stop by an Irish pub on the way, and end up at Borgund Stave Church.

You meet the guide at Borlaug, where the E16 splits before the mountainous Filefjell and Hemsedal, and hop on the bikes that are standing at Hi Borlaug. The trip down through Borgund goes smoothly along the old E16 (asphalt) through a typical mountain village in the Norwegian West.

The guide leads the way and we stop a few times to hear about life in such a village, history and cultural heritage, everyday life, folk life.

We will see the the grave of, and hear about, the Viking king «Spenning», we will look at the art of a chainsaw artist - and much more.

We also visit the village's meeting point, the Irish pub, and hear the story of the 5 local men who started this waterhole. Here you can buy something to refresh yourself on, before the cycle ride continues along the old road nr. 60 and ends at Borgund Stave Church.

Here the guide bid farewell and you can visit Norway's national treasure, the Borgund Stave Church.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECT: The bicycles are used. And not only that. They have been physically rescued from the waste container, repaired and fixed, and given a new life here in Borgund. In this tour you are participating in sustainable and circular tourism.

TIME: At noon or by agreement
PERIOD: 20 June to 20 August, or by agreement 
LANGUAGE: English and Norwegian

Start: Borlaug, at Hi Borlaug
End: Borgund Stave Church
Length: The cycle tour takes 2 to 2.5 hours
Availability: For groups only. Order by emailing us