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Borgund Stave Church
Photo: Odd Helge Brugrand
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Photo: Håkon Li
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Borgund Stave Church. Photo: Håkon Li
Photo: Odd Helge Brugrand
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About Borgund Stave Church

We are so fortunate that some of the most impressive and popular sections of the King's Road lies within a short distance from the Borgund Stave Church. Here you can hike on the famous Vindhellavegen or walk the round-trip Vindhella-Sverrestigen. A little down from us you will find Sjurhaugsfossen which is a great start for a trip to the Galdane or the round-trip Galdane-Seltåsen

Welcome to Borgund Stave Church
Borgund Stave Church (built aprox. 1180) is the best preserved stave church in Norway. The church is centrally located next to the King's Road.

Offers 2024
Season: April 15 - October 13
Opening hours: Daily 09:30 - 17:00 

In our visitor center you can get home-made food.

Photo: Odd Helge Brugrand
Visit Borgund Stave Church
15 April - 13 October
Café in Borgund Stave Church visitors centre
April 15 - October 15
Marit Wøllo
(+47) 457 38 972