Tours on the King's Road

6 days along the King's Road

Step back in time and follow the path once used by King Sverre and his army - and all the other King's of Norway.

Today, the restored Kongevegen invites you to relive history. Notably, sections like Vindhellavegen reveal the remarkable engineering skills of the past. As a self-guided walking holiday, you will experience the magnificent scenery along the historic King's Road at your own leisurely pace.

Embark on an enchanting 6-day journey along the historic King's Road in Jotunheimen and the Sognefjord area. Follow the path of Norway's past monarchs as you traverse picturesque landscapes, from serene mountains to well-preserved stave churches. Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors and contrasts, thunderous waterfalls, and charming villages. This self-guided walking holiday offers the perfect blend of nature, history, and adventure. With comfortable accommodations, luggage transfer, and expert support, it's an unforgettable exploration of Norway's past and present.

Day 1
Arrival by bus from Oslo, Bergen, or from a destination in between.
Possible activity: local hike in the area.
The tour description will include a recommended hiking route.
Accommodation: Filefjellstuene

Day 2
Activity: hiking from Øye to Filefjellstuene (King's Road)
Duration: 4-5 hours, Distance: 12,4 kilometers, ↑ 600 meters
The King’s Road between Øye and Tyinkrysset starts by the Øye Stave Church. You'll be transported to the starting point, where your journey unfolds. The trail is mainly grass and gravel and takes you from wooded inland countryside to the open mountain scenery on the Filefjell plateau.
Transfer between local destinations.
Accommodation: Filefjellstuene

Day 3
Activity: hiking Kyrkjestølen to Maristuen (King's Road)
Duration: 4-5 hours, Distance: 10,7 kilometers, ↑ 350 meters
Between Kyrkjestølen and Maristova, you'll traverse the actual Filefjell, reaching the Kings Road's highest point (1247 masl) with breathtaking views of the Hurrungane peaks. Here, you'll witness what it meant to construct a road following the French principle. It aimed for the straightest line possible, prioritizing drainage and foundational work, with less concern for the terrain's natural features.
Transfer and pick up between local destinations.
Accommodation: Filefjellstuene

Day 4
Activity: hiking Sverrestigen to Borgund, and Vindhellavegen (King's Road)
Duration: 2-3 hours, Distance: 5 kilometers, ↑ 290 meters
Today's hike starting from Rimskjold and tracing the historic Sverrestigen. This path was chosen by King Sverre of Norway to elude waiting farmers prepared for attack. Your hike leads you to the well-preserved Borgund stave church (from 1180 CE). Here you can find an exhibition and we recommend visiting the church (entrance included). Continuing, you'll hike along the iconic and beloved Vindhellavegen, a highlight of the King's Road. Your final stop for the night awaits at Husum Hotel, where your luggage will be waiting.
Transfer between local destinations.
Accommodation: Husum Hotel

Day 5
Activity: hiking roundtrip along Seltåsen and Galdane (King's Road)
Duration: 6-7 hours, Distance: 13,8 kilometers, ↑ 300 meters
You start walking on Øygardsvegen that leads you to Seltunåsen starting on the round-trip Galdane and back to Husum for another overnight stay. Along the way you will see magnificent waterfalls, old crofts, places wrapped in legend, and German fortifications.
Transfer and pick up between local destinations.
Accommodation: Husum Hotel

Day 6
Possible activity: a short, local walk in the area.
Departure by bus to Oslo, Bergen, or a destination in between.
You can choose to depart towards Bergen or Oslo from Husum.
Different departure and arrival times are possible. Please inform us of your travel plans before making other arrangements, such as plane tickets.

Add on

Hiking poles rental
Hiking poles are often underrated but highly recommended. They provide extra stability and support, especially on uneven terrain and inclines, effectively reducing fatigue and lowering the risk of injuries, particularly during descents. You can rent hiking poles for the entire duration of the tour, and this option can be added to your booking prior to departure.

Fjord cruise from Flåm to Bergen (5 hours)
You have the option to disembark the bus at Flåm en route to Bergen and join the Fjord cruise to Bergen. Your luggage will be transported to your hotel (if you book accommodation service as an extension of the package).

Important details
To fully enjoy your hiking adventure in the mountainous areas, it's important to dress appropriately for the weather conditions and local temperatures. For a comfortable and enjoyable experience, we recommend wearing warm, waterproof clothing, sturdy mountain hiking boots that provide ankle support, and bringing sunscreen and sunglasses in case of sunny weather. It is not recommended to wear trail runners, everyday shoes, or sneakers.
Everyone is welcome to join this hiking adventure, regardless of experience.

Luggage transport
Experience the freedom of walking light as we effortlessly transport your luggage (1x luggage per person) between the accommodations.


Formerly a traditional mountain farm, it has been transformed into a contemporary mountain lodge. It features comfortable cabins with en suite bathrooms and a superb restaurant in the main lodge.

Husum Hotel
Enjoy comfort and relaxation at Husum Hotel, your welcoming retreat after a day of adventure. Cozy rooms, delicious cuisine, and tranquil surroundings make it your home along the King's Road. Private bathrooms included.

All accommodations and restaurants prioritize locally sourced ingredients in their culinary offerings. Breakfast is served buffet-style, and at the breakfast table, you can prepare your own lunch package to take with you on your hikes. Upon request, you can also bring along warm tea or coffee in your own thermos. Dinner is typically served in the late afternoon or evening and consists of a delightful three-course meal.
Routes You will receive a hiking map and a tour description. The lodging staff will keep you informed about the designated hiking routes and provide details on where and when the pick-up will be arranged.

Equipment list
When you book with us, we'll provide you with a packing list to ensure you have all the necessary clothing and gear.

Arrival by bus from Oslo, Bergen, or any destination in between. Enjoy the convenience of choosing from various departure times at a location that suits your journey along our express bus routes. Our express buses take you directly to the heart of Norway, passing through mountains, valleys, rivers, and charming farms along the way. Our buses are equipped with free WiFi, power outlets featuring USB chargers, and restrooms. Please share your travel plans with us, and we will take care of the arrangements, ensuring a stress-free experience for you.

Bus from/to Oslo or Bergen
Transport between local destinations
Luggage transport
Accommodation x 5
Dinner x 5
Breakfast with packed lunch x 5
Detailed tour description


Prices 2024:
Person in double room: NOK 13.290
Single room suppl.: NOK 4.900

Dates/Season June – August*
First arrival day: 21.06.2024
Last arrival day: 15.08.2024

Duration: 6 days
Difficulty: Medium

Add on:
Hiking poles rental NOK 490
Fjord cruise NOK 1.485

*) The season may be extended after the 2024 bus trips are announced.


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