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Buy both King's Road maps


The King's Road round-trip map gives you 5 round-trips you can walk in connection with the King's Road. Scales from 1 : 30 000 til 1 : 14 000. The round-trips are:

  • Otrøvatnet Rundt
  • Galdane - Seltåsen
  • Vindhella - Sverrestigen
  • Maristova - Brusestølen (the Raederske and Buchholzske roads)
  • Maristova - Honingane - Brattebakken bridge

Each round-trips has it's own map. Parking, toilets, which surface you walk on etc. are marked. The map is in A6 format when folded. Norwegian offical map basis. Norwegian and English text.

The King's Road map shows the entire hiking route between Vang in Valdres and Old Town of Lærdalsøyri in Lærdal on a scale of 1:50 000.

Parking, toilet, type of surface on the road etc. are marked. When folded the map size is equivalent to the A6 letter format. English text.

Price King's Road map: 190,- NOK
Price round-trip map: 140,- NOK
Postage/shipping: 39,- NOK
TOTAL: 369,- NOK


We are changing the ordering system. When you order, please choose the number of maps. Then you have to choose a date. The date has nothing to say, but because the system currently works as a system for activities, we have to do it this way. Just mark a fictitious date.

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