Exploring the Kingsroad

Round-trip Honingane - Maristova


0,5 - 1 hour
1,7 km.
Suitable for


This is a round-trip through an old mountain-farm area, featuring buildings from medieval times and numerous historic bridges.

There are several starting points, such as by the new E16 bridge or by the turn-off to Maristova. It is also possible to start by Maristova. The round-trip is then just under 4 km long.

Parking is available by the new E16 bridge and by the turn-off to Maristova. There is also parking at Maristova.

As for points of interest, the best starting point is Maristova. Just below Maristova, you will see the two spectacular wooden bridges spanning the Smedøla river. The bridges are built according to instructions issued by J. C. Hammer, the Director-General of Roads, in 1794.

These were the type of bridges that formed part of Kongevegen when it was completed in the 1790s, and Hammer stayed at in Margretestuen at Maristova during the construction.



The round-trip Honingane – Maristova is a study in bridges and bridge construction. There are at least seven bridges in wood, stone, or concrete, built over a period stretching from 1794 to 2016.

Kongevegen then continues downhill along straight, grassy tracks. You have to cross the E16, and there is a slight bend in the road so be careful.

As you reach the other side, turn right and walk down to the oldest Honing bridges – one of which is a strut frame bridge – and continue through the mountain-farm area along the river.

When you reach the new E16 bridge by the tunnel, walk underneath the bridge and follow the foot and cycle path back to the starting point.



Honingane is named after a «hone», which is an old term for goat.

This old mountain farm has always enjoyed a central location along the route.

Both the medieval track and the 1600s postal route led past the farm. When Kongevegen was built in the late 1700s, J. C. Hammer opted for the other side and instead crossed the river by Brattebakken a few kilometres further down.

However, in 1860 the route was moved back to Honingane, and this is the one you are walking along when you pass the mountain farm.

Located 730 metres above sea level, it was used in spring and autumn by the farms Borlo, Hegg, Bjøråker, and Hovland in Borgund.

Over 20 old farmhouse foundations are evidence of high activity. An example is the old stone building just past one of the bridges. It was originally a farmhouse, maybe built in medieval times.



The cabin and farmhouse can be used by Kongevegen walkers. To stay the night, contact Lærdal municipality's cultural office to obtain the code.

Bring a sleeping bag. There is no electricity, and only outside toilet facilities.

Maristuen Fjellferie at Maristova offers accommodation in modern cabins and apartments.