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The Museum on the barn


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The Museum on the barn is a local women's labor museum and a private collection of exhibits from daily life next to the King's Road throughout the two last centuries.

It has a «men's section» on the barn bridge.

Here you can study equipment used by local women on local farms, both in-house and on the fields. The barn is a place for reflection, for browsing old photo albums and books. Maybe you want to try an typical Norwegian loom or study local, needlework techniques?

The exhibitions span a couple of hundred years.

The museum welcome groups on request. 150 NOK per person, minimum 3 persons, for one hour. Service in English, German and French.

In addition to guided tours of the museum, the owner of the museum can offer you a walk along the river, on the road who replaced the King's Road in 1859 (with up to five meters high walls), and study the local vegetation, which also includes orchids.

Open every day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. from 14 June until 18 August. All other days on request.

The Museum on the Barn
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Aud Kvale
(+47) 9520 5852