Exploring the Kingsroad

Rent a bike




Do you want to cycle the gravel or asphalt stretches of the King's Road? Or just rent a bike and explore the area from the bike seat?

The King's Road rents out bicycles from 4 bicycle stations.

In Lærdal (west of Filefjell):

  • Borgund center
  • Borlaug

In Vang (east of Filefjell):

  • Øye (in Eidskroken)
  • Hemsingbrue

Daily rent is 250 NOK per bike.

The bikes are available every day from 09.00. Please deliver the bikes at the same station you picked them up by 19.00 the same day.

After you have found a bicycle, remember to make sure that the wire passes all the bicycles (trough the wheel or the frame) on the stand before closing the padlock. Find a helmet in the wooden box and lock it.

The code to the padlock stands on the voucher sent to your e-mail after ordering.

Same procedure when returning the bike; make sure that the wire passes all the bicycles on the stand, close the padlock and turn the code number a little. Put the helmet in the box and close the padlock.


BACKGROUND: While renting a bike from the King's Road you support an environmental project. The bikes are used bikes. They are literally rescued from the garbage container. In collaboration with a environmental company the bicycles have been fully repaired and given a new life along the King's Road. Therefore, you can see some streaks and small defects on the bikes ❤️

The King's Road across Filefjell is an sustainable destination.

NB: The bicycles must not be used on the protected sections of the King's Road. The bicycles are meant for you who want to cycle gravel and asphalt stretches along the King's Road route, or explore other areas nearby.