Exploring the Kingsroad

Guided tour to Vindhella


45 min-1 hour
1,7 km.
Available periods
Daily 24.06-15.10


Perhaps one of the greatest engineering feats in road construction. Perhaps the most famous section of the King's Road across Filefjell. However, the famous Vindhella is so much more.

Every day at 2:30 a guide will take you to the famous Vindhella. You will learn about the King's Road and about the construction of Vindhella itself, where sharp hairpin bends meander through a narrow pass.

You will hear about the construction, about the workers, about slave labor and punishment, about railings and stones, about colors and kings.

But also that the Vindhella pass was a strategic point of power in ancient times and the narrowest passage between east and west in southern Norway. Here is a hill fort, probably ancient defense facilities, and the site for an ambush by the medieval rebel army «Birkebeinerne».

TIME: Daily 2.30 pm
PERIOD: From Saturday 24 June to Sunday 15 October
LANGUAGE: English and/or Norwegian

Start: Visitor center Borgund Stave Church
Ending: Rimskjold
Length: The tour takes 45-55 minutes  
Availability: By booking online on this page

Bus packet (until 20 August) from Flåm at 1.15 pm
Bus packet (until 20 August) from Aurland at 1.25 pm
Bus packet (until 20 August) from Lærdalsøyri at 1.35 pm
(the bus returns after the experience)