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The King's Road Winter Night Experience

NB: We are changing the booking system. You can still book this tour by writing to us. Press «send e-mail» on the right and we will book the tour manually.

This experience can also be booked together with the «The King's Road Ski Tour (2 days)» or «The King's Road on Ski and Snowshoes (3 days)».

After dark, we find the snowshoes and pack our bags. After a short drive we start walking into the wild. Where we end up depends on weather and conditions.

If the weather is good, we will be able to experience winter-clad mountains that bathe in the moonlight. Our headlamps will be able to reveal the fox's antics or the sprawling jumps of the mountain hare.

After walking the right distance, we spread out the reindeer traps and light a small fire.

With something warm in the cup and something easy to bite into, all you have to do is to sit back and take in the quiet mountain atmosphere and dream away under the starry sky.

Or let the mountain talk go around the fire.

Here you have the opportunity to ask all the questions you may have about outdoor life. About Filefjell. About The King's Road. About wilderness. The guide has extensive experience with outdoor life and has been living in the wild for two years!

Length: 2-3 hours. The experience is available Thursday-Sunday.

If you buy this experience as part of «The King's Road Ski Tour (2 days)» or the «The King's Road on Ski and Snowshoes (3 days)»: NOK 690. (min. 2 pers.)
This experience alone: NOK 1 190. (min. 2 pers.)

Local guide
Reindeer traps to sit on
Warm drinks
Local snacks
From the campfire you do not see artificial light from the civilization

NB: Subject to the weather conditions. Sometimes we will experience moonlight and starry skies. Other times it is overcast. If the weather is so bad that we have to cancel, you'll be refunded.

You are in normal physical shape
You want to go on snowshoes
You are dressed in clothing and equipment that is suitable for a cold evening in the mountains: warm underwear on the lower body and upper body, waterproof / windproof trousers, thick / warm sweater, warm hat that covers the ears, waterproof / windproof jacket, clothing that covers the neck, mittens , thick socks and good shoes meant for hiking
You follow the guide's advice and think about safety together with him

The picture above is taken on the way to one of the places that is relevant to visit
(Photo: Sven Richard Møller)

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