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The King's Road Ski Tour (round-trip 2 days)

In this experience, you'll be skiing over the mountain that divides eastern and western Norway. Westward the route follows the top of the mountain, eastward it follows the valley of Smedalen. Just like our ancestors did, we have cut out the old King's Road for winter use. Ski worry-free while we take care of your luggage. ❤️

You arrive at Tyinkrysset and can check in at Filefjellstuene or Explore Filefjell. There is also a direct bus from Bergen (NW 162 Øst/Vest Xpressen) and from Oslo (NW 160 Valdresekspressen) which fits with the check-in. The bus routes follow the highway E16. In the evening, you can join the experience «The King's Road Winter Night Experience» if you have booked it.
Trails are marked green and blue, meaning easy and easy accessible for normal skiing.

DAY 1:
Either you start from the hotel, which means an 7 km. extra ski tour, or the host drives you to Kyrkjestølen were you'll be skiing about 10.7 km. to Maristova. This famous section of the King's Road over the top of the mountainous area Filefjell looks very different when the mountain plateau is covered in snow. You will experience what it was like for the viking- and medieval Norwegians to pass east-west in winters. In the watercolor of Wilhelm Maximilian Carpelan (1819), our ancestors had cut out the King's Road with poles. Nowadays we use sticks. Our ancestors also went out and made the trail with their feets. We have done it with snowmobiles.
The highest point on the road is approximately 1250 m.a.s.l. You pass «Stiftstøtta», the marble monument that marked the divide between old Akershus and Bergen diocese. If the weather is clear, you can see the mountainous area of Jotunheimen on the horizon.
We recommend to use regular mountain skis. On large parts of the stretch, no ski tracks have been made. The trip is a real mountain hike, over the mountain range on Filefjell, on a natural surface and without peaks. Follow the green signs to «Maristova»
When the descent to Maristova starts, follow the trail that takes a small detour here, because the descent will otherwise be too steep. The very last, short bit you should take off your skis if your plowing skills are'nt that great.
You will live in a cabin at Maristuen Fjellferie. Your luggage has been brought here. At Maristova, the hosts offer simple dinner dishes you buy and make yourself in the cabin (example: Fjordland or the local Sognelapskaus).
Length: 10,7 km (7 km. extra if you start at the hotel)
Time: 3-5 hours (4-6 hours if you start at the hotel)

DAY 2:
After breakfast in the cabin, you will have a slightly calmer ski trip than yesterday. Start at Maristova and follow the successor to the King's Road «Den Bergenske Main Road» from about 1850 eastwards through the valley of Smedalen (the Smith Valley). This is the valley you saw below you for large parts of the trip on King's Road the day before, and which is the valley today's main road, Highway E16, follows. The trail is groomed and easy to follow. You follow it to Brusestølen. There the ski trail continues to Buhaugen and after a while you arrive at Fillestølen. The last part of the ski trip to Kyrkjestølen you go on the old King's Road again.
If you don't choose to continue furter past Nystuen and down to Tyinkrysset where you stayed the first night and parked your car/came with a bus, the host will pick you up and drive you.
Length: Aprox. 12 km. (19 km. if you continue to the hotel/car park)
Time: 2-4 hours (3-5 hours if you continue to the hotel/car park)


2 nights in cabins
2 breakfasts
2 packed lunches you prepare during breakfast
Evt. transport to Kyrkjestølen the first day
Evt. pick-up at Kyrkjestølen on the last day
Evt. transport of skis both days
Luggage transport 2 days
Bed linen and room cleaning
Prepared trails 

Dinner and supper
Transport by public buses
Ski (bring mountain skis)
Guiding / storytelling

You are used to mountains and know how to ski
You put on clothes and equipment that are suitable for skiing over the mountains: warm underwear, waterproof / windproof trousers, thick / warm sweater, waterproof / windproof jacket, warm hat that covers the ears, clothing that covers the neck, mittens, thick socks and correct footwear
You follow the marked trail Kyrkjestølen-Maristova and the prepared trail along Smedalen
You follow well-meaning advice from local hosts

The experience «The King's Road Winter Night Experience» with Explore Filefjell
Provisions at Joker Tyinkrysset (on arrival day)
Dinner/suppe at Tyinkrysset Fjellstue or Filefjellstuene (arrival day and last day)
Do you need any equipment? Intersport Tyinkrysset

(Photos: Bjørgnhild Holien/Jan Christian Jerving/Knut Horvath Maristuen/Silje Damstuen Forthun. Video: Håkon Kulblik)

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