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The King's Road Ski and Snow Shoes Tour (3 days)
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Wilhelm Maximilian Carpelan

NB: We are changing the booking system. You can still book this tour by writing to us. Press «send e-mail» on the right and we will book the tour manually.

In this tour, you go from eastern to western Norway on snowshoes and skis. Just like in the old days, we have cut out the King's Road for winter use. We transport your luggage, arrange breakfast and lunch, drive you in place - and pick you up afterwards. ❤️

You arrive at Tyinkrysset and can check in at Explore Filefjell. There is also a direct bus from Bergen (NW 162 Øst/Vest Xpressen) and from Oslo (NW 160 Valdresekspressen) which fits with the check-in. The bus routes follow the highway E16. In the evening, you can join the experience «The King's Road Winter Night Experience» if you have booked it.

DAY 1:
This winter experience starts on snowshoes. After breakfast, the hosts drive you to a starting point on the section Øye-Tyinkrysset. If you want, you can start the day with a visit to Museum on the Barn. You walk on snowshoes on a snow-covered King's Road up to Varpe bridge. The trip follows the authentic King's road, which you can read about here. Arriving at Varpe bridge, you will be picked up by the host. In the evening, the host will take you out on the experience «The King's Road Winter Night Experience» if you have booked it. You can buy dinner at Tyinkrysset mountain lodge or at Filefjellstuene, or you can shop at Joker nearby and prepare in the kitchen of Explore Filefjell.

DAY 2:
This is a ski day. After breakfast, the host will drive you to Kyrkjestølen, where you will continue on skis on the section Kyrkjestølen-Maristova of approximately 10.7 km. The famous stretch over the top of Filefjell looks completely different when this mountain area is covered in white. In the watercolor of Wilhelm Maximilian Carpelan (1819), our ancestors had cut out Kongevegen with poles. We have used sticks. Our ancestors also went out and stepped a path on the road with their feet. We have used snowmobiles.
The highest point on the road is approximately 1250 m.a.s.l. You pass «Stiftstøtta», the marble monument that marked the divide between old Akershus and Bergen diocese. Probably you only see the top of the monument when King Winter reigns. If the weather is clear, you can see all the way to Jotunheimen.
Use regular mountain skis. There are no ski tracks. The trip is a real mountain hike, over the mountain range on Filefjell, on a natural surface and without peaks. The trip can take 3-4 hours. Trails are marked green and blue, meaning easy and easy accessible for normal skiing.
After some hours the descent to Maristova starts. Follow the trail that takes a small detour here, because the descent will otherwise be too steep. The very last, short bit you should take off your skis.
You will stay in a cabin at Maristuen Fjellferie. Your luggage has been transported here (1 package per person). At Maristova, the hosts sells premaid dinner dishes you buy and prepare in your cabin.

DAY 3:
This day you will again be wearing snowshoes. After breakfast (breakfast is in the cabin) you go down the west side of Filefjell on the section Maristova-Borlaug. The trip follow the authentic King's Road, some parts follow nature trail and some has some asphalt, but covered with snow. The walk is 7 kilometers long and has an altitude difference of 300 meters. Just after the start you can take a short detour around Honingane, an old dairy farm area with buildings from the Middle Ages.
A jewel on the section is the Brattebakken bridge, a suspension bridge built after inspiration from the King's Road bridges you see on other parts of the King's Road.
In the end you reach the hamlet Borlaug. The walk takes a good 2 hours plus lunch break. The host picks you up and drives you and your luggage back to Tyinkrysset where you started three days earlier.

If 4 or more people travel together: NOK 4 490
About 3 people travel together: NOK 3 990
If 2 people travel together: NOK 4 490
Optional add-ons:
Rent of snowshoes: NOK 350 (total for two days)

3 nights in a room or high standard cabin
3 breakfasts
2 packed lunches you prepare during breakfast
Transport to the starting point on the first day of hiking
Pick up first day of hiking
Transport to Kyrkjestølen second hiking day
Pick up at Borlaug last walking day
Transport of skis and snowshoes every day
Luggage transport two days
Bed linen and room cleaning

Dinner / supper
Transport by regular buses
Ski (bring your own mountain skis)
Snowshoes (you can choose to rent snowshoes during the booking process)
Guiding / storytelling

You are in normal shape and can use snowshoes and skis
You put on clothes and equipment that are suitable for skiing over the mountains: warm underwear, waterproof / windproof trousers, thick / warm sweater, waterproof / windproof jacket, warm hat that covers the ears, clothing that covers the neck, mittens, thick socks and correct footwear
Skiing between Kyrkjestølen and Maristova, follow the marked route (second day of hiking)
You follow well-meaning advice from local hosts

The experience «The King's Road Winter Night Experience» with Explore Filefjell
Visit the The Museum on the Barn (first day)
Provisions at Joker Tyinkrysset (day of arrival and first day)
Dinner/Supper at Tyinkrysset Fjellstue or Filefjellstuene (arrival day and first day)

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