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Kingsroad Autumn Tour - 2 days
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Enjoy the colorful season with walking the most famous sections of the King's Road. Get a guided tour of the Borgund Stave Church and stay the nights in charming wooden houses from the 19th century đź‘Ť

The good climate in Lærdal means that autumn is nice and lasts a long time. In this two-day package, which is only available until October 14th, you can enjoy autumn with the round trips Vindhella-Sverrestigen and Galdane-Seltåsen. In addition, you get a tour of Borgund Stave Church. In the evening, you spend the night in historic lodgings on Gamle Lærdalsøyri. It is activity, learning and Norwegian history in one and the same experience.

You have driven to Lærdalsøyri by car and can check into Den Gule Krambua, Gamle Lærdalsøyri Boutique Apartments, Sanden pension or Lindstrøm Hotel which are all located at Gamle Lærdalsøyri, or Lærdal hotel by the Sognefjord. The will be given accommodation based on capacity and you will receive an e-mail about where you will stay. If there is one place you prefer over others, write it in the comments field when you order.

DAY 1:
You drive to the visitor center at Borgund Stave Church and will use the first day to explore the church and do the round trip Vindhella-Sverrestigen. You can start with the Sverrestigen first. The path starts behind the red Borgund church (there are two churches). Go through the gate, go straight up just under 90 meters until you meet the path and turn left on it.
History tells that in October 1177 King Sverre took this ladder to bypass the farmers who were ready to ease stones and logs onto his mercenaries. To get the most out of the hike, read about the Sverrestigen here.
You pass through a rich heritage landscape. At the bench where the path splits into three, turn left and descend towards the valley floor. Once at the bottom, you meet the old E16 and continue to the Vindhella road (100 meters further down) at Rimskjold. Here you go up the famous turns in Vindhellaskaret. For the best possible yield; read about the Vindhella road here.
On the way down from the top you have two choices; Either the short version with the gate to the right and the path down to Borgund stave church, or the King's Road straight ahead until it meets the old E16 (recommended). Then follow the old E16 300 meters back to the visitor center. The round trip can take about 2 hours.
Back at the visitor center, you and your traveling party enter the Borgund stave church. Here is a tour of the beautiful national treasure between 09:30 and 17:30.
Afterwards, you drive back to your accommodation at Gamle Lærdalsøyri.

DAY 2:
After breakfast and packing the lunch box you check out of your accommodation. Then drive to the rest area at Sjurhaugsfossen, which is at the eastern end of the Selta tunnel on the E16. From here you walk the Galdane-Seltåsen round trip. Cross the Lærdal river and immediately turn left onto the section Galdane. The King's Road through Galdane is full of myths. To get the most out of the hike, read about the Galdane section here.
Take your lunch break at the farmstead «Galdane» with a great view of the Lærdal river and «Bergenske main road» where you will walk later. There are info notices on each house and two outhouses above the farm houses. After the break, you continue along Lærdal river to the Seltun bridge. From the bridge, follow the footpath along the E16 eastwards to the rest area «Koren» (approx. 1.3 km). Here you go up to the right on «The Bergen main road» from the 1840s. 
After Seltåsen you come down on the old E16 (historical route) Here you can see the ruins of Steine ​​bridge which was once part of the «Bergen main road». Follow the old E16 towards Sjurhaugen (5-600 meters east). Back at the rest area, the tour is over.
The whole trip can take between 3.5 and 4.5 hours.

2 nights in old town of Lærdalsøyri
2 breakfast where you have the opportunity to make a packed lunch
2 lunch packs (which you make during your breakfast)
Entrance to Borgund stave church
Bed linen, towels and laundry
Free parking

Guide on the tours
Transport to the tours

NOK 2 690 per person

Public transport to the tours (not included):
For the round trips: route 138 from Lærdal town hall at 11.00 (not Saturday). On the first walking day, you get off at «Lo aust» one kilometer east of the stave church. On the second walking day, you get off at «Sjurhaugen».
Return from the tours: First walking day route VY170 from «Lo aust» one kilometer east of the Stave Church at 14.48 (daily) or route 138 at approx. 18.20 (not on Saturdays). Second walking day route VY170 daily from «Sjurhaugen» at 14.52, and route 138 at 18.25 (not Saturdays).


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