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The Yellow Store of Henrik

About The Yellow Store of Henrik

NB: Pictures of the apartment will be uploaded as renovation continues. We open The Yellow Store of Henrik in June 2020.

Jan Henrik Nitter Hansen is one of the most sucessfull business men of all time in Western Norway.

One of the properties which developed his wealth, is the yellow merchants house at prime location in the old town of Lærdal.

Now his merchant house of 1852 can be your home.

The apartment is situated on the 2nd floor, which was Jan Henrik Nitter Hansen's storage rooms in the mid 19-century.

Today the storage rooms are renovated into a luxury apartment with a Oscarian era bedroom, a combined living room/kitchen, a bathroom and a loft with 4 beds.

The storage rooms functions and details are carefully preserved and incorporated into this modern lux-apartment.

Up to 6 persons can stay in the evocative and cozy yellow Store of Henrik.


The old town of Lærdalsøyri was a busy trade hub and an important port, located at the end of the Sognefjord and at the start of the main route to Oslo and east-Scandinavia (later The King's Road).

Already in the Medieval times the old town of Lærdal was host for the important annual market, the Lærdalsmarknaden. First time we find the market mentioned, is in 1596. It had been in operation for a long time already.

During the 19 century Lærdal grew to become the most important hub and trading town in north-western Norway next to Bergen. Business grew rapidly, and the father of Jan Henrik started and later Jan Henrik continued the successful business. Jan Henrik was also the mayor of Lærdal for some years.

Old Lærdal is one of Norways most autentic wooden towns, and protected as national heritage. 

The Yellow House of Henrik is one of the best examples you can find from that time; an typical western-Norwegian merchant house, inspired by the buildings of the famous port of Bergen and the hanseatic merchants houses you find in the rest of northern Europe.

Welcome to the experience!


Stay in the Yellow House of Henrik
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Family, couples, small groups
Helge Brugrand
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