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Bøflaten Camping

About Bøflaten Camping

Bøflaten Camping is a perfect place to stay for those who want to ride a bike or go for a walk.

We have a view of Jotunheimen National Park.

Bøflaten is a great place to stay while walking on the King's Road.

For those who want to hike to one of the DNT cabins in the area, Bøflaten Camping is a good starting point.

Bøflaten Camping is located along lake Vangsmjøse which is 20 kilometers long. Here you can go fishing or go paddling.

In addition, Valdres is known for it's stave churches. In Vang (our municipality) you will find three of them.

There are several old farms with cozy atmosphere and local food in the area.

Bøflaten Camping also offers a range of organized activities and adventures.

Stay at Bøflaten Camping
Joar Rye
+47 90 60 04 89