Exploring the Kingsroad

the King's Road bus


NB-IMPORTANT: Due to the large landslide between Aurland and Flåm which closes the E16 and has completely disrupted the east/west connection, there will be strong irregularities in the route of the Kongevegbussen on Sunday 2 July and Monday 3 July. On the Lærdalsøyri-Borlaug route, you should partner with other transport, such as Solheim Taxi. We apologize for the inconvenience.


The bus takes you to all sections and attractions along the Europa Nostra-awarded Kings Road.

Departure Lærdalsøyri daily 24. June - 20. August

    -        09:45 - Lærdal town hall
    -        10:10 - Sjurhaugen (Galdane)
    -        10:25 - Borgund Stave Church (Vindhella)
09.10   10:35 - Borlaug*
09:20   10.45 - Maristova
09:35   10.55 - Kyrkjestølen
09:50   11.05 - Tyinkrysset

The early departure from Borlaug 9:10 a.m. corresponds with Valdresekspressen NW160 which departs Tyinkrysset 9:58 am.
*The departure from Borlaug 10.35 a.m only runs if there are passengers and as far as the passenger are going

Departure Tyinkrysset daily 24. June - 20. August

10.00      -     Tyinkrysset
10.10       -     Kyrkjestølen
10.25       -     Maristova
10.35       -     Borlaug
10.50   15.30  Borgund Stave Church/Vindhella
11.00    15.40  Sjurhaugen (Galdane)
11.15     16.10  Lærdal Town Hall

The bus drives the E16 up to Sjurhaugen, then old E16 up to Borgund Stave Church. Further it follows the new E16 to Borlaug and Maristova. Stopping at the bus stop east of Maristova. The bus drives the old E16 past Nystuen and Filefjellstuene either on the way to Tyinkrysset or on the way back.

The whole stretch NOK 290,-
Subsections from NOK 190,-

Dogs are allowed.

This bus route is not to be found on web sites for public transport. The Kingsroad bus is there to give hikers and bikers better possibillities to explore the Kings Road across Filefjell.

Operator: Solheim Taxi and Flåm car rental in cooperation with Kongevegbedrifter Filefjell SA and Norway's Best AS.

Solheim Taxi
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Marianne Solheim
(+47) 415 10 100